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Canberra Perl Mongers

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This is the web page for the Canberra Perl Mongers.

Canberra.PM meet on an irregular basis in Canberra, Australia's capital city. It welcomes beginning programmers and experts. The mailing list is quiet, but questions get answered quickly and accurately. To join the mailing list visit: http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/canberra-pm.

As of May 2008 there is a strong push to reactivate Canberra.pm as a group that meets regularly, and engages in open source project work.



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Recent Meetings

10th December, 2008

Michael and David met up for coffee and a feed, talked about Moose, Git and the possibility of starting a project in the new year in an attempt to generate some more interest and participation in Canberra.PM.

19th September, 2008

Stennie and MikeB from Sydney.PM visited and enjoyed a chat/drink with Canberra.PM local at the Wig & Pen and King O' Malley. Apparently the English bitter at Wig & Pen was "to cry for" .. as close as one gets to a good bitter this far south of the home country.

27th August, 2008

Paul Fenwick and Jacinta Richardson were in Canberra for training, and kindly put aside some time to present some talks and catch up with local Perl Mongers.

  • Paul presented some talks (and gripes ;) on security and Perl, aswell as some details on autodie, IPC::System::Simple and some really exotic (ab)uses of the 'system' function. autodie may well become the next compulsory 'use' after 'strict' and 'warnings'.
  • Jacinta presented an interesting talk on Optimization in Perl - including Big-O notation and how to apply it, profiling with DProf, the benefits of Memoize - and some code examples that made the rest of us feel like really good programmers.

Special thanks to Robert Edwards (from CLUG) for assistance with the venue.

Talks available here: http://perltraining.com.au/talks/

6th June, 2008

First real Canberra.pm meetup. Attendees were Michael, Guy and David. What we lacked in numbers we made up for in enthusiasm.


  • Discussed the state of scripting languages in general, and Perl6 in particular.
  • Talked about how and why we use Perl, and what sets it apart.
  • Discussed the idea of a group Project. David brought along a great idea, which is to take an existing project he has been working on (a hospital rostering system), and convert it from Access/VBA to a database driven web-based system using Perl,AJAX and even Prolog for the decision engine.


  • Future meeting will be held monthly at most, and we will try and organize talks or special events.
  • The project group can continue on an independent path, so as not to exclude people from the meet-ups who aren't part of the project.
  • Michael and David seem keen to participate in the project. Guy has less time on his hands, but may be able to use his experience to offer guidance and support.

8th May, 2008

Paul Fenwick presented:

  • What's new in Perl 5.10 - Switch, smart-match, and more!
  • IPC::System::Simple - Taking the hard work out of system()
  • autodie.pm - Lexical laziness for Perl 5.10.1
  • History of software development failures

to a packed room (ran out of seating).

9th March, 2006

Meeting organised by Steve Walsh, in conjunction with Canberra Linux Users Group - Programmers SIG.

Paul Wayper provided a talk on Object Oriented Perl - designing an object. His example object does simple text progress bars, with Estimated Time to Completion, percentages, '3 of 12', titles, bars, and a possibly nifty interface to save you calling it so often. In other words a shameless plug for something he's written.

People can download the source to look at it either by going to http://tangram.dnsalias.net/~paulway/Progressor.pm or by using 'svn checkout svn://tangram.dnsalias.net/Progressor/trunk'.

2nd November 2005

Paul Fenwick presented his Conference Presentation Mind Control talk.

Andrew Pollock presented a neat way to run commands provided by email on a locked-out machine.

Paul finished up with a cute talk about the virtues of strict.

Good food and enjoyment was had by all.

19th May 2005

Jacinta and Paul visited Canberra to run some Perl training. In her preparations, Jacinta encouraged Canberra PM members to get together for one of those rare meetings. With many thanks to Andrew Pollock a venue was organised (Bernadette's Cafe Restaurant in Ainslie which has a private room). Andrew also encouraged CLUG and SAGE-ACT members to come along. Sean Batt helpfully supplied a data projector.

Paul provided a colourful talk on Whirlwind Web Development while we waited for dinner. After dinner Jacinta talked about some of the interesting security traps that await careless Perl programmers and thus how we should always use taint mode.

We look forward to having another meeting soon.