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Melbourne Perl Mongers

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Website: melbourne.pm.org


Melbourne Software Freedom day

Perl 5.X bug triage process


In general, Melbourne Perl Mongers meets monthly on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. From time to time, the Open Source Developers' Club meetings occur in this timeslot instead.

Meetings start at 6:30pm and are held at various locations. It is best to check the mailing list to be sure of the location.

After the meeting, interested Perl Mongers visit a nearby pub for dinner, drinks and socialising. This is a great networking opportunity.

(please add late-arrival procedure)

Volunteered topics

Dates in parens are when the speaker put their hand up for the talk.

  • Alec Clews on github.com and git in general (Jan 2009)
  • Tony Smith on Perl scripting in Golly 2.0 (cellular automata) (Jan 2009)
  • Jacinta Richardson on a comparison of MVCs (as presented at OSDC) (Jan 2009)

Future meeting topics/ideas

  • Coverage of Perl 6 ideas implemented in Perl 5 modules
  • Perlish interaction with users
    • prompt and answer (which looks more like just printing and reading from STDIN)
    • dialog type prompting
    • Simple GUI prompting

Melbourne Fail 100 Project

Meeting history

Past meetings are listed by year, not all meetings are listed. To see what they covered and to add any feedback on them please visit:

Mailing lists and resources

The general members mailing list can be found at http://mail.pm.org/mailman/listinfo/melbourne-pm/ . Archives of past mail are available.


Melbourne Perl Mongers has many books members are welcome to borrow.

About Melbourne Perl Mongers

Melbourne Perl Mongers was first created by Kirrily Robert on the 30th July 1998. It had a few casual meetings over the next few years and then when Netizen dissolved in 2000 and Kirrily moved to Canada, meetings stopped and the list went quiet.

Melbourne Perl Mongers was recreated in December 2001, with a trip first to dinner and then off to see "The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring". Once it appeared that there was renewed interest in monthly meetings, myinternet kindly offered to host them. Scott Penrose and Paul Fenwick opened the first new Melbourne Perl Meeting to a crowd of 20 on February 13th, 2002.

Since then, Melbourne Perl Mongers has held regular monthly meetings, some of which have featured visits by Damian Conway, Brent Chapman (author of Majordomo), Stas Bekman (of mod_perl fame) and many other interesting people.

A timeline of Melbourne Perl Mongers history also exists.

Official Details

The Melbourne Perl Mongers did exist as an incorporated association (Melbourne Perl Mongers Inc, ABN: 81 807 645 184) for several years, however as of April, 2008 the Mongers voted to disband the association and committee and instead run as Special Interest Group (SIG) under the umbrella of the Open Source Developers' Club. Thus Melbourne Perl Mongers has no official status.

Why Wednesday night

Oddly enough, meeting on a Wednesday night was chosen based on the at-the-time scheduling of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Channel 7. As for the second week, well it was supposed to make it harder for the meeting to sneak up on us by accident - as might happen with the first week-day on the month when it's also the first or second of the month. Fortunately mid-week has served us well and we didn't pick a date that conflicted with too many other open source meetings.


A list of Melbourne.PM members can be seen at Melbourne.PM Users.

Modules worked on by Melbourne.PM members

  • Paul Fenwick: autodie, IPC::System::Simple, Finance::Quote, SCUBA::Table::NoDeco
  • Scott Penrose: Business::AU::ACN, Business::AU::TFN, Device::ParallelPort, Sys::Hostname::Long
  • Rob Casey: CGI::Upload, Data::ACL, Slurp, Tie::MLDBM, Win32::FileTime
  • Leif Eriksen: tidyview

Open Source Developers' Conference

At the end of 2003, Scott Penrose suggested that Melbourne Perl Mongers host a YAPC::AU. A volunteer committee of Melbourne Perl Mongers gathered together to organise this event. Along the way it was decided that the conference could be even better if it were to allow the Python and PHP programmers to become part as well. Thus the first Australian Open Source Developers' Conference was born. Melbourne Perl Mongers ran the first conference has run on 1st - 3rd December 2004 before passing the reigns to a specially created organisation (Open Source Developers' Conference Inc) to run it instead. It has run each year since.