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Brisbane Perl Mongers

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Meetings are usually held on an ad-hoc basis over dinner or drinks. Make sure you join the mailing list to keep up to date with events.

To see reports of past meetings or get involved in planning our next meeting visit our meetings page.

What are Perl Mongers?

Perl Mongers are individuals who are interested in the Perl programming language, and involved in their local Perl community. Membership to Brisbane Perl Mongers is free, and an excellent way to network with fellow developers and make new technical contacts.

What do they do?

Perl Mongers can provide advice on the best way to approach a problem. They hold meetings and conferences to discuss new techniques and relevant issues. Perl Mongers meetings are usually very social and lighthearted.

How do I get involved?

If you wish to become involved in Brisbane.PM, then simply join our mailing list. You don't need to live in Brisbane to become a member, you just need to be interested in Brisbane Perl happenings. Interstate and international members are welcome.

Perl Positions in Brisbane

The best way to advertise a Perl position in Brisbane is to do so via jobs.perl.org. This will reach not only local Perl Mongers, but also to members of the jobs.perl mailing lists, and to a number of sites that syndicate this information. Once your job has a jobs.perl number, feel free to add it to the perl jobs section of this site.

Other Australian Perl Mongers

Australia and New Zealand support a highly active collection of Perl Monger user groups. See the directory on this site, or visit the master list at http://www.pm.org/groups/oceania.html

Meeting Summaries

See Brisbane Perl Mongers/Meetings

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