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If you've come to this page to find general info about dbNet, your best bet is our website http://dbnet.com.au.

If you've come to find out about our Perl credentials, you've arrived at the right place.

We have been enthusiastic Perl adopters for many years. While it remains our first choice as a general data processing language and for tactical CGI web pages, our most significant usage to date is our internally-developed "Tables" Framework, which sits at the core of numerous database-backed production web applications in use in various NSW Government Agencies and commercial clients today.

Inspired by our strong relational modelling orientation, "Tables" was initially developed and deployed under the Maypole framework but with the arrival of Catalyst it was completely re-written and is now actively maintained at numerous sites, the most recent internal release bringing it into line with Catalyst's move to "Moose".

"Tables" features full integration with the proprietary server technologies that we always find at our clients' sites: Active Directory, SQL Server, Oracle, etc. and yet is a powerful demonstration of the value of deploying open source components Apache, Linux, and Perl into such environments. In recent deployments we have blended modern Ajax and JQuery techniques to bring pleasing interactive behaviour to the user interface.

Our strong position on the value of this framework was originally based on theoretical expectations of the value of OORM libraries or on the promise of Catalyst as a web development environment. The verdict is now in.. we have achieved quite significant savings on traditionally expected time and budget resourcing levels, in very complex RDBMS-based internal web applications that are used every day in NSW for Rail Safety Management, Law Enforcement, Health Case Management and Customer-facing Trading Administration.

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