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Need some help with your Perl scripts? This just might be the place... but first, have you checked the online perl reference included with your distribution? If you are on a UNIX (or workalike) system then you probably have the most up to date and comprehensive reference already - perldoc.

Usage for perldoc is simple, perldoc -f localtime will produce the documentation for the localtime function, for example. "perldoc IO::Select" will give you the information on the IO::Select module.

Failing that, there is lots of help available online. You can view the core perldocs at http://perldoc.perl.org, find module documentation at http://search.cpan.org, and also look for user annotations for specific CPAN modules at http://www.annocpan.org/. Another useful (albeit noisy) place to find or ask for help is PerlMonks.

If you think your question really should be presented to a New Zealand/Australian audience, then please follow the following instructions:

  1. Add a section to this page.
  2. For your subject, enter [[User:YOURNAME/KEYWORD]] where YOURNAME is your username, and KEYWORD is a word or two describing your issue.
  3. Enter into the body a brief summary (100 words or less) of your problem.
  4. Save your changes. Your new section's title will be a link. Follow this link, and enter your full problem (with as much information as you can) into that page.
  5. Once your problem has been resolved, return to this page and note that your question has been resolved.

These steps make it easy to see current issues, makes it clear who is asking the question, and also helps us to organise the material on PerlNet.


This is an example problem. My summary is brief, yet informative, and the subject links to an expanded and more detailed explanation of the problem. --PJF (talk) 18:13, 5 Mar 2005 (EST)

win32 get ADS group informaton

Hi There,

Realy simple question, I'm an old perl monger, but need to get some information from active directory, I need to know the groups which the login user is a member of.

I believe I need to use Win32 calls, but not sure which ones.

Hopefully is this rather simple

  1. get login name and set to a variable $loginname
  2. create an array and fill with ADS groups which $loginname is a member.

Cheers all.

Mike Paul (talk)

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