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Map of greater Melbourne
Map of greater Melbourne

Melbourne is located in the south-eastern corner of mainland Australia. It is Australia's second largest city (after Sydney) with a population of approximately 3.8 million in the Melbourne metropolitan area and 69,670 in the City of Melbourne (which covers only the central city area).

Upcoming events in Melbourne:


User Groups

Melbourne is home to a large number of Information Technology user groups covering almost everything and was therefore host to the first three Open Source Developers Conferences. Local user groups include:

(NB Geoff Burns also maintains a list)

User Groups - Software Development

Programming Languages

Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
Melbourne.pm Melbourne Perl Mongers All things Perl Second Wednesday each month, 6:30pm
phpMelb Melbourne PHP Users Group PHP Third Monday each month, 7pm
MelbournePUG Melbourne Python Users Group Python 1st Monday of every month starting at 6:30pm.
ADUG Australian Delphi User Group Delphi and related products
VFP UG Melbourne Visual FoxPro User Group Microsoft Visual Fox Pro
Melbourne Ruby User Group Melbourne Ruby User Group on Google Groups Ruby Programming Language
Melbourne Groovy User Group Melbourne Groovy User Group on Yahoo Groups Groovy Programming Language
victorianjug Victorian Java User Group All Melbourne and Victorian Java programmers Last Thursday of the month, 6:30pm
Melbourne Flex User Group Melbourne Flex User Group All Melbourne and Victorian Flex programmers First Thursday of the month, 6:30pm
Melbourne ColdFusion ( CFML ) User Group Melbourne ColdFusion ( CFML ) User Group All Melbourne and Victorian ColdFusion ( CFML ) User Group programmers Third Thursday of the month, 6:30pm
Melbourne Scala Group Scala Programming Group Meetings and email list Last Monday of the month, 6:30pm
Melbourne alt.NET group Melbourne alt.NET User Group All Melbourne .Net coders Last Thursday of the month


Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
OSDClub Open Source Developers' Club Technologies common to Perl, Python, PHP ... Hosted every other month alternately by Melbourne Perl Mongers and phpMelb
MXPEG Melbourne XP Enthusiasts Group Extreme Programming development methods
Melbourne Scrum User Group Melbourne Scrum User Group on Meetup Scrum agile development
Melbourne Patterns Group Melbourne Patterns Group Software Design Patterns

Web Application development

Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
Web Standards Group Melbourne Web Standards Group All things web 3rd Wednesday
Port80 Melbourne Port 80 All things web.

Tools and Frameworks

Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
Drupal Melbourne Meetup Drupal Users and Developers All things drupally 2nd Tuesday each month, 6pm
MJUG Melbourne Joomla User Group All things Joomla (in the city of its birth) ICT Building, Melbourne Uni, Last Wednesday of the month 6:30pm
SilverStripe Melbourne Joomla User Group All things SilverStripe Irregular meetings at SilverStripe HQ, Near Jam Factory
Oz Zope Oz Zope Zope, Python
Victoria.NET Victoria.NET Microsoft .NET
MelBiz Melbourne BizTalk User Group Microsoft BizTalk and related products
Melbourne Cocoa Heads Melbourne Cocoa Programmers' Group Anyone with a Mac who writes code
Melbourne Rational User Group Melbourne Rational User Group Rational Software tools and methods users
Facebook Developers Melbourne Facebook Developers Melbourne, Australia Group for Facebook Developers based in Melbourne Australia
ACS VictoriaACS (Victoria) Mobile Application Development Special Interest Group Mobile Applications Development involving technologies such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile 6.5 etc
GTUG Google Technology User Group, Melbourne Android, App Engine, GWT, Charts, Maps, Earth, Wave etc 1st Wednesday of the month
GLUM Git Lovers of Melbourne Git distributed version control tool None planned
Selenium Melbourne Selenium Meetup Group Open forum for local Selenium users of all skill levels


Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
Melbourne X User Group Melbourne X User Group where X is something technical that can be used - general technical obsession group 3rd Wednesday of the month?

User Groups - Operating Systems

Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
LUV Linux Users Victoria Linux, Open source First Tuesday each month, 6:45pm. Beginners workshops 3rd Saturday 12-4pm
BLUG Ballarat Linux Users Group Linux etc 2nd Tuesday
LinuxChix Australian LinuxChix Linux, Open source, Women in IT 6pm, 1st tues (before LUV)
MLUG Melbourne Linux Users Group Linux, Last Friday of the month
AUSOM Apple Mac Users Society of Melbourne Apple Macintosh computers
iMUG internet Macintosh User Group Apple Macintosh computers Last Tuesday 6:30pm.
VicFUG Victorian FreeBSD Users Group FreeBSD
MNUG Melbourne Novell Users Group Novell NetWare and related products 2nd Thursday of the month
MSOSUG Melbourne OpenSolaris User Group Solaris and OpenSolaris in Melbourne

User Groups - Database Servers

Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
ASSUG Australian SQL Server User Group Microsoft SQL Server
PASS Melbourne SQL PASS User Group Microsoft SQL Server
MDUG Melbourne DB2 Users Group DB2
MySQL Meetup Melbourne MySQL User Group MySQL 3rd wed
Oracle User Group Oracle User Group (VIC Branch) Oracle
MongoDB User Group Melbourne MongoDB User Group MongoDB

Business Related Groups

Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
OSIA Open Source Industry Australia FLOSS relevant business issues
Melbourne Jelly Coop working spaces Fornightly meetings

User Groups - Other

Group name Description Interests Meeting Time
SAGE-Vic Victorian Chapter of SAGE-AU System Administration Second Tuesday of every month
AUUG Inc Victorian Chapter of AUUG Unix, Linux and Open Systems
Melb Wireless Melbourne Wireless Free community broadband networks
Melb PC Melbourne PC User Group Shared computer assistance
VOUG Victorian Osborne User Group, Inc Shared computer assistance
APICUG Australian Post-Tel Institute Computer Users' Group Shared computer assistance
CM Pros Content Management Professionals Meets in Sydney and Melbourne
PMI Project Management Institute Melbourne Chapter
Sharepoint Melbourne Sharepoint User Group Microsoft Sharepoint and related products
Pub Standards Pub Standards Melbourne Social meetup for geek types Third Wednesday each month
MCLBB Melbourne City Lunchtime Brown Bags Presentations to feed your brain Monthly Lunchtime Meeting
DevOps Mel Devops Melbourne Dev Ops meetings Monthly Evening Meeting
Melbourne free software interest group Non technical FLOSS Meetings, mail list Third Thursday
Hack Melbourne Connected Community Hacker Space Meetings, mail list Every Tues and one weekend/month
Wordpress Melbourne Wordpress users from novice to experienced Meetings
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