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Melbourne Perl Mongers/Meeting History 2005

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Summary of feedback on the talks, descriptions of what went on at the meetings (rather than just the agendas), points of interest that were raised, things that would be good to hear about next time, interesting conversations afterwards at the pub.


Past meeting summaries

1st December, 2005

Shared end-of-year party with the Melbourne PHP group prior to the Open Source Developers Conference 2005. No specific Melbourne Perl Monger meeting.

9th November, 2005

OSDClub meeting. No Melbourne Perl Monger meeting.

12th October, 2005

Leif Eriksen spoke about Closures, based on the new HOP book and some issues he had with Tk.

Hamish Carpenter spoke about Clearing the Fog: Visualling Relationships Between HTML::Mason Components. Template driven web applications involve complicated hierarchies of relationships. He discussed the benefits of mapping these relationships and one implementation for HTML::Mason templates with visualisation using GraphViz.

14th September, 2005

Damian Conway presented Fun with Dead Languages.

Watch in mesmerized terror as Damian hacks code in five unrelated languages (none of them Perl). Along the way, you'll also learn about modern archaeological techniques, bidirectional cross-dressing, Ancient Greek hackers, improbable romances, the real Club Med, why programmers shouldn't frequent casinos, the language of moisture vaporators, C++ mysticism, conversational Latin, state machines on steroids, feeding the dog the old-fashioned way, the shocking truth about anime, programming without variables or subroutines, the Four Voids of the Apocalypse, Microsoft's new advertising campaign, what the Romans used instead of braces, drunken stonemasons, the ancient probabilistic wisdom of bodkins, how to kill a language with a single byte, and the price of fish.

The talk started with a discussion of the Lara Croft look-alikes and carried on from there. All topics touched upon above were covered in a talk that discussed programming in Postscript, Scheme, Latin and Damian's own improvement on C.

10th August, 2005

Scott talked about a small mod_perl2 module he wrote, showing integration of a 3rd party Perl Module and a 3rd party Apache C Modules linking to another 3rd party C library, all in one request.

13th July, 2005

OSDClub meeting. No Melbourne Perl Monger meeting.

8th June, 2005

Talk by Stas Bekman. See Melbourne Perl Mongers/8th June 2005 for more details.

Stas came and talked for about 3 hours, with a break in the middle. In the break we had pizza in the dark (room lighting was poor) and talked. In addition to the usual Perl Mongers, we had visitors who had heard about the meeting from:

which lead to a huge turn out.

I think most people suffered information overload by the end of the night, but all had a good time.

11th May, 2005

OSDClub meeting. No Melbourne Perl Monger meeting.

13th April, 2005

  • Deborah Pickett: Teaching Perl to University Students
  • Jacinta Richardson: The coolness of Class::DBI (or how to avoid writing code)
  • Paul Fenwick: HTML::Mason - an overview

9th March, 2005

First OSDClub meeting. No Melbourne Perl Monger meeting.

9th February, 2005

  1. Welcome and Introductions from El Presidente. Scott Penrose.
  2. A review of last year. Scott Penrose.
  3. A review of the success of the OSDC. Jacinta Richardson
  4. Plans for this year. Simon Taylor. (includes this years conference, and combined user group meetings and call for content).
  5. Recent Perl Activity. Leif Eriksen. (Phalanx)
  6. New Webmaster needed for MelbPM. Scott Penrose.
  7. New courses from PTA. Paul Fenwick.
  8. Call for Content for MPM meetings. ??.
  9. Dinner. And there was much rejoicing...

Leif's talk was the highlight of the evening, covering the need for more people to get involved in adding test cases to CPAN's top 100. An inspiring talk which hopefully yeilded positive results.