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Melbourne Perl Mongers/Meeting History 2006

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Wednesday, 8th November 2006

  • Hamish Carpenter gave a run through of his OSDC talk titled Team Monash: Outwit, Outplay, Outlast, detailing team building and practices for the my.monash portal.
  • Leif Eriksen then gave an update on the Tidyview project, showing the recent addition of coloured diff's to highlight how perltidy has changed your code, and the Perl::Signature has been added to check for semantic changes to the tidy'ed code.
  • Leif Eriksen then refused to shut up and gave a brief review of the book Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers. This book is so good he said he was even using his highlighter in the foreword, such was the wealth of important insights in this book. Highly recommended for every developer, regardless of domain or language, if only to show how to stop _writing_ legacy code in the first place.
  • We then retired to the Bedford for beer and dinner.

Wednesday, 9th August 2006

  • Leif Eriksen demo'd his Tidyview project, describing how it came to be, some of the internal workings, and what has happened since it was announced to the Melbourne PM mailing list. He struggled valiantly against video problems, but gave up eventually and pointed lamely at code in an editor.
  • Paul Fenwick talked about how difficult it is to call system in a sensible fashion, and introduced IPC::System::Simple module. The similarity to /bin/sh -e was noted, and many bad puns were made about some of the POSIX functions (WIFEXITED, WIFSTOPPED et al).
  • Scott Penrose offered to do a talk too, but this was lost in the stampede to the pub.

Wednesday, 19th April 2006

Andrew Savige dropped in to give two talks. The first showed off Acme::Eyedrops and explained the secrets behind it, as well as discussing Andrew's experiences as a first time CPAN author. The second discussed a recent history of Sydney PM, and invited us all to come and visit some time.

Wednesday, 8th March 2006

Detailed notes can be found at Melbourne Perl Mongers/8th March 2006.

Wednesday 18th January

Lightning talk night. Talks (in order):

PerlNet — Paul Fenwick

Paul Fenwick started the lightning talks with a brief discussion on PerlNet. Why it exists, what it can do for the Perl community. With some time to spare, he showed off the site briefly and glanced at the Melbourne Perl Mongers page.

The problem with my computer collectionStephen Edmonds

Stephen Edmonds' computer collection was a serious sight to behold. Through about 30 photos, he showed us that he has a problem: too great a need to collect. Stephen's proposed problem, was that he has difficulty remembering to log in to ebay just in time to catch the end of the auction. So he's used some tool or another to remind him, by leaving a message on his mobile phone. This gem of information was unfortunately overwhelmed by photos of everything Apple.

Club Class 2006 — Scott Penrose

At the OSDC 2005 Scott presented a talk on Zaltana, a CMS/web mail client/wiki/photo browser/etc idea/application that does everything right. Which is to say it leaves page layout, navigation and all that kind of display stuff to a higher level. This lightning talk covered how he was able to use these principles to build the website for his glider club in a couple of days and just have it all work. Photos can be ftped into a directory and thumbnails etc get automatically created. Results can be uploaded in XML and are immediately available. GPS data can be uploaded and suddenly you can use Google Earth software to see the route each glider flew. Very cool, lots of photos/demonstrations of pretty stuff.


Win32::OLEBen Marsh

At the start of the meeting, due to the small number of talks, Scott increased the lightning talk time to 10 minutes. Ben Marsh's talk exceeded these 10 minutes and became the night's feature talk, at 32 minutes. I think there were probably still things Ben wanted to say. It appears that Win32::OLE is much more impressive than any of us had realised. Through this module, it is possible for Perl to interact with any COM object in the same way that VBScript would. It can be used to take photos, dictate text, work with MS Office applications and all sorts of things. Ben showed us code comparisons and it was great to note that there were very few significant differences between equivalent VBScript and Perl applications.

SweeperBot, Acme::ButFirst, and Phat LewtPaul Fenwick

Paul Fenwick finished the night by covering 3 lighting talks in 10 minutes. SweeperBot automates the playing of Mine Sweeper, Acme::ButFirst creates a new Perl keyword due to a request on the Sydney Linux Users Group (SLUG) mailing list, and Phat Lewt showed off Paul's addiction to online games.


The night was rounded off by a trip to the Bedford Hotel. Our two new members came as far as the pub door, but only Peter came in with us. Glenn headed home. We drank, ate and then were asked to leave so they could close the pub. Time must fly when you're having fun.