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Melbourne Perl Mongers/Timeline

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  • 1998, 30th July Melbourne Perl Mongers was founded by Kirrily "Skud" Robert.
  • 2000(ish). Melbourne Perl Mongers became quiet as Skud headed to Canada.
  • 2001, 7th December. Paul Fenwick suggests restarting Melbourne Perl Mongers with a trip to the Lord of the Rings on boxing day. Scott Penrose volunteers to organise meeting facilities for future meetings.
  • 2001, 26th December. First new Melbourne Perl Monger gathering. 4-5 mongers met for dinner at the White Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant before heading down to the Village Cinemas to see The Lord of the Rings — Fellowship of the Ring.
  • 2002, 13th February. Start of monthly meetings for new Melbourne Perl Mongers.
  • 2004, 10th May. Melbourne Perl Mongers votes to become an association.
  • 2004, 1st September, Melbourne Perl Mongers incorporates.
  • 2004, 13th October. First Melbourne Perl Mongers AGM, committee gets elected.
  • 2004, 1-3rd December. Melbourne Perl Mongers successfully hosts the first Open Source Developers Conference.
  • 2005, 9th February. Melbourne Perl Mongers agreed to create (and host bi-monthly, until other groups volunteered) the Open Source Developers' Club.
  • 2005, 9th March. First Melbourne Perl Monger meeting to be substituted for OSDClub.
  • 2005, 5-7th December. Second Open Source Developers Conference held, this time arranged by the new Open Source Developers' Conference Inc. Much participation from Melbourne Perl Mongers.
  • 2006, 10th May, Second AGM. New committee gets elected.
  • 2007, 13th June, Third AGM. New committee gets elected. Idea is put forth that perhaps we'd be better running as a SIG of the Open Source Developers' Conference Inc.
  • 2008, 9th April, Member-called SGM disbands Melbourne Perl Mongers as an association and agrees to be a Special Interest Group (SIG) under the Open Source Developers' Conference Inc.