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Notes on Perl 6

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From Melbourne Perl mongers meeting on 12/May/2010

Get Perl 6 from Rakudo page

From Scott

  • Yes you need subversion for automatic Parrot build, or you can manually download/build parrot then you do not need network access
  • Download / Git checkout perl6-examples - http://github.com/perl6/perl6-examples - you can get commit access on this, or pass any examples to me and I can upload
  • For modules (ala a baby type of CPAN) Download / Git checkout proto - http://github.com/masak/proto

It has linked lots of modules: see - http://github.com/masak/proto/blob/master/projects.list Which also is a useful link to see what modules are really available and working for Perl 6 No DBI sorry, but SQLite apparently works (not one I have tried)

As for performance. Yes, bad... but I have started using Perl 6 for scripts - as 99% of the ones I write are either throwaway, or if they take 4 seconds in stead of .4 seconds, doesn't really matter.

Some links are here - http://scott.dd.com.au/wiki/Perl6 And a basic file read, word wrap example - http://scott.dd.com.au/wiki/Perl_6_Examples_File

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