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Open Source Developers Conference 2005

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The Open Source Developers Conference 2005 was the second Open Source Developers Conference in Australia. It was held in Melbourne and organised by a collective of Perl, Python and PHP programmers.



A number of photographs can be found on flickr tagged with osdc2005.

Lightning Talks

A number of lightning talks were presented at the conference. A selection of these talks included:

Day 1

  • Visual Basic Rocks — Audrey "Autrijus" Tang
  • SweeperBot — Paul Fenwick
  • Acme::ButFirst — Paul Fenwick
  • Web app hacking with FLOSS; Philip Lindsay
  • Australian High-tech Crime Centre; Evan Leybourn
  • Qubero: App development in a Hex Editor; Peter Galazy
  • Image Processing at the Antartic Division; Warwick Bynes
  • AJAX before Google Maps gets here; Tony Smith
  • Language bashing; Amanda Penrose
  • A little bit of Magick; Evan Leybourne

Day 2

  • World Domination, Part I — Adam Kennedy
  • Using Strict — Paul Fenwick
  • Phat Lewt — Paul Fenwick
  • Making Fire Engines go; Alan Green
  • Larry was a Mariner; Autrijus Tang
  • A few random things; Richard Jones
  • Getting things done (GTD); Nathan Bailey
  • ShWiki — Jon Oxer
  • World Domination, Part II — Adam Kennedy
  • The OSI Network Model — Anthony Baxter


The following blog entries exist regarding OSDC 2005: