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POD Indexing Project

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The POD indexing project has the goal of making the Perl documentation more accessible and searchable. The two main specific objectives are:

  • Adding relevant keywords thoroughout the Perl core documentation using the X<> POD code.
  • Creating tools for generating and searching the index resulting from these keywords, including an improved perldoc with keyword searching support.

It is expected that websites such as http://perldoc.perl.org/ , http://search.cpan.org/ , and http://cpan.uwinnipeg.ca/ will be able to use the resulting index to provide HTML interfaces for browsing the Perl documentation by keyword.

For an example using the current index, see the perldoc demo.

Volunteers Needed!

Get involved by joining the perl-documentation mailing list (send a blank message to perl-documentation-subscribe@perl.org); read the indexer resources below; choose a POD to index, add your name to POD Volunteers, and may the Force be with you! :-)

Indexer resources

CPAN Distributions

Latest development snapshot

See also

Szabgab previously created a browsable index of Perl "things" at http://www.szabgab.com/articles/perlindex.html . The POD Indexing Project has a slightly different aim, however. We focus more on direct keyword searching, perldoc integration, synonyms, and comprehensiveness. Szabgab's index is more selective and probably better for browsing, like you would use a conventional book index.

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