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The Perl Beginners' Site (also known as Perl-Begin) aims to be the first stop for Perl beginners who wish to learn Perl. It contains lists to many online resources, as well as to some books.

The source code of Perl-Begin is available in a Subversion repository, and its contents are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC-by).


Perl-Begin was started as a better alternative to learn.perl.org which lacks many links to important online resources. There have been talks about redesigning learn.perl.org in the spirit of Perl-Begin, but they did not materialise due to lack of maintenance among learn.perl.org workers. learn.perl.org has been unmaintained for a long time, while Perl-Begin is still being maintained.

The Perl-Begin Wiki

The Perl-Begin wiki was moved to perl.net.au for ease of maintenance and in hope of attracting more contributors.

Other Interactive Resources

Perl-Begin has a very inactive mailing list for Perl Beginners. In any case, people are recommended to join the appropriate mailing list of a local Perl Mongers group, where beginner questions are normally tolerated. It also has a web forum that was neglected due to its horrible interface. The Perl-Begin workers have been looking for a good forum that supports Unicode, which can be easily administrated. In the meantime, one can use Perl Monks or a different forum.

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