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General Questions

What is PerlNet

PerlNet's goal is to be a meeting place for businesses, user groups, and individuals from Australia and New Zealand to discuss and learn about Perl. Individuals can request contributions to projects, businesses can more effectively hire new employees, and user groups can better communicate with their members and each other.

What is PerlNet not?

PerlNet is not a replacement for project management tools such as SourceForge. However you are welcome to use PerlNet if it assists you in your Perl related project.

Do I have to be from Australia or New Zealand to use PerlNet?

No! PerlNet is open to all contributors and users, however it focuses on the Australasian region. Australasian user groups, businesses, and projects are strongly encouraged to add their details, and these articles are likely to receive the most traffic and contributions.

My city isn't mentioned on the sidebar, why not?

As far as we know, there are Perl programmers in all major cities of Australian and New Zealand and we'd love all of them to be involved in PerlNet. We would be delighted to add your city to the side bar once we have more content for it. So visit the Melbourne and Sydney pages as examples of useful directories and navigational areas and perhaps the Melbourne Perl Mongers and Sydney Perl Mongers if you have a local group, create similar pages for your city and then let us know.

How can I contribute to PerlNet?

PerlNet is a wiki, a special type of website that allows anyone to contribute and edit content. If you see a page that you feel you can improve or contribute to, then please do so.

In order to contribute, you must first create an account. This only takes a few seconds. custom term paper

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What can PerlNet do for my user group?

Lots! See PerlNet and User Groups for a detailed explanation.

Who runs PerlNet?

PerlNet is run by Perl Training Australia, with a goal to foster communication and collabaration in the Australia/New-Zealand Perl community. The project was started in February 2005.

I have a question. Who do I ask?

First try the Village pump. If for any reason you can't find your answer, then ask one of our administrators.

What software does PerlNet run?

PerlNet uses MediaWiki, the same software as used by Wikipedia.

Isn't that written in PHP?

Yes it is. Like all good programmers, PerlNet is happy to use the best tool for the job, and we've decided that Mediawiki is definitely the best tool for this job.

Editors Questions

What linking shortcuts exist?

The following shortcuts will allow linking to other resources:

Business Questions

Can I add myself to the business directory?

If you are an Australian or New Zealand business that specialises in Perl, then you can. Please see our Business Guidelines for full information.

Businesses that do not fulfill the critera in the Business Guidelines may be removed from the directory without notice.

I'm looking for a Perl developer. Can I advertise here?

As long as you're looking for a developer in Australia or New Zealand, then yes, you can. This can include jobs that are offered in the AU/NZ area, or telecommute projects where you are happy for an Australian developer or business to perform the work.

If you want to get the maximum coverage for your job, first submit the job to jobs.perl.org. Our jobs template is regularly updated from jobs posted to this site. This will soon become an automatic process.

Can I add a logo to my business page?

Yes, as long as you are happy to do so under the terms papersof PerlNet's license. Please make your request on the Village pump and an administrator will help you.

Individual Questions

What can I put on my users page?

You can write anything you like on your users page, provided you keep it nice. You can write about the projects you're working on, why you like Perl, or even a short resume if you're looking at changing jobs.

You may find it useful to include some templates on your user-page. This allows you customise your page to provide information that is useful to you. Current templates that you may find useful can be found at PerlNet's user templates page.

I see a question asked regularly. Can I add it to this page?

Yes! Be bold in your edits and add it to an appropriate section, or a new section if required. The edit links next to each heading and the top of the page exist for this purpose.

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