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Welcome to PerlNet! If you've just joined, then we'd like to hear a few things about you. What are your interests? What do you hope to gain from PerlNet? This is a great way to meet other editors, and become involved in projects and discussions that most interest you.

To add yourself to the list, post a comment and enter your name as the subject in a header. Please also sign your name after your comment by typing four tildes, like this: ~~~~ (this lets readers jump straight to your talk page and welcome you personally if they like). Your comments will then be added to the bottom of the list.



Hi, I'm Paul Fenwick, and I run Perl Training Australia. I'm also the primary technical administrator of PerlNet.

I'm hoping tht PerlNet will help bring together the Australian and New Zealand Perl community. I want a place where businesses, individuals, user groups, and anyone with an interest in Perl can get involved and reach other people.

Most importantly, I want a site that you, as a member of the Perl community, will find useful. If you have any ideas, then please feel free to let me know, or be bold and start a new section, article, or discussion yourself.

Thanks for using PerlNet!

--PJF (talk) 14:45, 15 Feb 2005 (EST)

Jacinta Richardson

I'm a Software Engineer by education and mostly a developer, course writer and training coordinator by job.  ;) I do most of the management work for Perl Training Australia. I'm a Saint on www.perlmonks.org (jarich) and an avid promoter of regional Perl Mongers groups.

--Jarich 10:56, 3 Mar 2005 (EST)

PML (Peter Lawrence)


You have PJF to blame for my being here. I needed a tool for the job and did a load of research until I found one with the right attributes - which included local support.

So I lined up Perl training for me and a couple of others via PJF, but the Perl data mongeing we needed all got screwed up by office politics (watch the press to see something called Progesa fall over majestically slowly).

Once I have my health back (if!) I'll try to get my Perl up to speed and go job searching, but for now any comments I make will be largely from an application perspective or from other computer experience, not Perl how-tos and such.

I'm also checking whether this goes in at all, since I have found Wikipedia itself won't accept my posts when using my main browser. But I'll be upgrading to a Linux platform soon, so that should just be a temporary blockage.

Hold up your hand if you can't hear me.

Well, I checked. This wiki engine cannot accept comments from the Arachne browser, so (a day late) I'm going to try to post it via an old Netscape Navigator. That works on wikipedia, so it should work here. PML 14:02, 5 Mar 2005 (EST)

Grant McLean

Hi, I'm a developer based in Wellington and the coordinator of Wellington Perl Mongers. There's more about me on my user page.

Grantm 07:59, 7 Mar 2005 (EST)

Tony Smith

I'm an old-time, traditionally-trained Systems Analyst-Designer who nowadays mostly writes Perl or more convoluted Strine for drip feed, but who could be more value if anybody from the here and now had a clue about the potential benefits of having a broad, context-aware generalist get their head around your problem space to help you sort out what you really should be doing.

I'm momentarily fantasising that PerlNet may become an even more effective collector of those able to think outside the square than Perl alone already is. My preferred world cries out for such folks.

Ynotds 16:29, 21 Mar 2005 (EST) Tony Smith

Sam Watkins

I'm a free software developer. I use perl when I can't avoid it! I like the perl community and CPAN; as for the language itself, let's just say it has "inspired" me to develop my own language. My homepage is http://sam.nipl.net/

I really am grateful for perl, there are so many things I simply couldn't do without it; but its zanyness drives me bananas!

I offer programming, hosting and other services free of charge; see http://nipl.net/ for details.

Sam 11:58, 25 Apr 2005 (EST)

Randal L. Schwartz

Yeah, it's me.

George Woolley

I'm a retired software developer.

Perl has been my favorite language since I started using it in 1994. I'm the group leader of Oakland.pm and Camelot.pm.

My most distinctive interest is in Geek, Open Source, and Perl culture and humor.

See User:Sassafras for some links related to me.

Baden Hughes

I'm Baden Hughes, Wearer of Many Hats(tm). I'm a Research Fellow in the Department of Computer Science and Software engineering at the University of Melbourne.

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