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The Perl 5 wiki launched in July 2007, and uses the Perl 5 license (Artistic/GPL) for contributions. This differs from the license used by PerlNet, which is the creative commons attribution sharealike (cc-by-sa) license. This guide covers guidelines on how to allow contributions to flow more freely form PerlNet to the Perl 5 wiki.


Contributors to PerlNet are encouraged to make their contributions more easily portable to the more central Perl 5 Wiki. To make this as easy as possible, you are encouraged to license your contributions under the Perl 5 license (Artistic/GPL) as well as PerlNet's creative commons license.

The easiest way to do this is to add the following template to your user page:


This will add the following text to your user page:

Except where otherwise indicated, I hereby license my textual contributions to PerlNet to be distributed under the same license as Perl 5 itself.

and add yourself to the contributors_who_agree_to_the_Perl_5_license.

Moving content

To move content from PerlNet to The Perl 5 Wiki, you should take the following steps:

  1. Please move only general Perl content. Local Perl Mongers pages, Australia/New Zealand specific pages, and user pages should not be moved.
  2. View the history information on the page you wish to move and look at the contributors. Make sure they are all listed at contributors who agree to the Perl 5 license. See the next section for what to do if they don't.
  3. Move the content to an appropriate page on The Perl 5 Wiki, and massage the content from Mediawiki format to SocialText format.
  4. Replace the content on PerlNet with the following, ensuring that pagename is replaced with the name of the page on The Perl 5 wiki.
  #REDIRECT [[p5wiki:pagename]]


Not all PerlNet contributors have agreed to dual-license their work under the Perl 5 license. If contributors have been made to the page that you're editing then consider one of the following:

  • Place a list of such contributors on the article's discussion page, and date it. This saves future editors the work having to re-check the list of contributors again.
  • Leave a note on their user discussion page, requesting they dual-license.
  • Check to see what their contributions were. Very simple edits, such as the correction of a single spelling mistake, are not considered creative works and therefore do not come under copyright restrictions. Such contributions can effectively be ignored for licensing purposes. However this guide does not attempt to define what defines a creative work.
  • Relocate the content, but remove or re-write from scratch the material contributed by authors who do not agree to dual-license their work.

The administrators of PerlNet and The Perl 5 Wiki are working on a license clarification that will allow contributions to be moved to The Perl 5 Wiki while retaining the PerlNet Creative Commons license. This will eliminate the need to undertake the cumbersome licensing steps, but require that attribution back to the history page on PerlNet.

Reference: research papers

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