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Perl Best Practices

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Perl Best Practices is a book published by Damian Conway which gives 256 best practices for Perl programming.

The general consensus among Perl programmers is that this book is an important read, and that it provides good food for thought and consideration. However, the practices in it should be taken as general guidelines rather than rules set by stone.

Often a workplace or a project may decide on a consistent style document which will restrict the Perl written there to a smaller subset - either based on "Perl Best Practices" or deviating from it in some respects. In that case, the programmer should do best to conform with the style upon submission. This is by the way, not specific to Perl - many workplaces and open-source projects have similar style and conventions manuals for languages such as C or C++.

Conway's book is considered an important milestone in the so-called "Perl Renaissance".

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