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Perl CD Bookshelf

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Highly recommended. Easy to search and read online.


The O'Reilly's CD Bookshelf series is a bundle of already published books released on CD as searchable HTML publications. Currently titles include Perl, UNIX, Java and Linux Web Server. The Perl Package comes in a cardboard sleeve wrapped around a hard copy of Perl in a Nutshell. The electronic books on the CD are:

  • Programming Perl
  • Perl for System Administration
  • Perl in a Nutshell
  • Perl Cookbook
  • Advanced Perl Programming

(Note that version 4 contains the following titles: Perl in a Nutshell; Mastering Regular Expressions; Learning Perl; Programming Perl; Learning Perl Objects, References, and Modules; Perl Cookbook; the paper version of Perl In a Nutshell; plus additional unspecified e-content from the Reilly's network.)

Since Programming Perl, Perl Cookbook and Advanced Perl Programming are my standard references then having an electronic copy has proved incredibly useful. It's small enough to keep on my hard disk drive (less than 50 Mb for the review version), the search works well across all volumes, topics are well linked and it's easy to read on screen.

Even though I don't use the System Administration volume, the bookshelf has been very good value (I seem to remember I paid about A$120 at Borders bookstore). I have paper copies of the important books and occasionally I reach for them – but my first preference now is upgrading my e-copies rather than spending the money on dead tree versions.

Alec 21:46, 4 Mar 2005 (EST)

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