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Phase N

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Phase N Australia is a software engineering and research company, specialising in advanced and exotic Perl-based technologies and systems.

About Phase N Australia

Phase N Australia is the brainchild of Australian Perl developer AdamKennedy and was formed as a vehicle for commercialising his previous work on an artificially intelligent Perl code generation system.

Subsequent work has seen this system grow to become once of the most efficient ways of producing powerful, feature rich and stable web applications of all types.

Phase N also produces a number of additional systems, such as the infinitely scalable "PhotoN" online digital photography system, an advanced information-product generation pipeline, and other more sensitive private projects for various clients.

Phase N Website

Business Categories

Phase N provides services in the following areas

  • Perl Consulting
  • Bespoke Development
  • Web Development
  • Technology Licensing
  • Product Development
  • Product Join Ventures
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