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Rainbow House Development

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Rainbow House Development

AKA Digital Dimensions

Rainbow House Development is a Melbourne based consulting company who specialise in building rich internet and web solutions using Perl, Javascript, and clean & accessible CSS/HTML.

Some of the tools and skills we have and use include:

  • Perl
    • Advanced perl modules
  • Javascript
    • Advanced javascript
    • Expert at ExtJS framework
  • Apache web server
    • Including advanced apache module for content, filtering and authentication
  • Broad array of data storage and databases including:
    • Postgres (including postgis)
    • Mysql
    • SQLite
    • Lucene
  • Web & Graphic design
    • Accessibility
    • Flash
  • Geographic Information Systems
    • Mapping solutions
    • Openlayers and GeoExt
    • Data conversion & generation
  • Open source experts
    • Integration
    • Teams
    • Projects


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