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Sydney Perl Mongers/Meeting History 2005

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What Sydney Perl Mongers got up to in 2005.

A summary of the meeting topics is below; a few meetings also have more detailed writeups available:


12th December, 2005

Audrey Tang spices up Sydney.

This is a rare opportunity for Sydneysiders to witness one of the world's legendary open source hackers in action. Audrey is talking about all things Pugs at UTS on Monday night. Don't miss it!

Group:   Slug 
Type:    Class Room 
Size:    25 
Date:    Mon 12 Dec 2005 
Time:    6.30pm to 9.30pm 
Campus:  Broadway 
Room:    CB01.27.26
         Building 1, Level 27, Room 27.26
         Take the lift to Level 26 and
         then the stairs to Level 27
Has:     Data Projector 

A report of this meeting can be found in this use.perl journal entry.

8th November, 2005

Kim Ryan gave a preview of his presentation for the upcoming OSDC event in Melbourne. Creating Perl Modules for Data Quality.

ActiveState donated one free Komodo Professional 3.5 license to be given away at the meeting which was won by Ryan.

11th October, 2005

Social meet up.

21st September, 2005

The peripatetic Paul Fenwick, visiting Sydney giving Perl training courses, materialized to administer his hypnotic "Presentation Mind Control" talk. The audience was, er, spellbound. By popular demand, he gave the talk twice. :-)

Andrew Savige rabbited on about Damian Conway's new Perl Best Practices book. Nobody threw peanuts. The slides for this talk can be downloaded here.

16th August, 2005

Adam Kennedy was returning from OSCON via Sydney and offered to delay his flight to give his talk:

PPI: Parsing, Analyzing, and Manipulating Perl (without perl) http://conferences.oreillynet.com/cs/os2005/view/e_sess/6768

Nobody spoke up, so he went home as scheduled and will give it later when he's in town on the night of a meeting

(did the meeting actually happen?) No Stephen, our fearless leader, was ill so organisation fell over.

21st July, 2005

Combined group meeting of Perl Mongers and Python programmers with visitors from SAGE-NSW, SLUG, OSIA and other groups.

Graham Dumpleton from SyPy presented: Vampire, a mod_python extension.

Paul Fenwick presented: So You Want to Start a Small Business?.

Mike Bissett presented a talk on Catalyst.

After the meeting many mongers adjourned to a nearby bar. Apparently Mike got very drunk when the guy from the Debian users group suggested (with others) that he drink a flaming blue shit..ouch

2nd June, 2005

Stas' mod_perl talk. See full description.

Frazer Irving [in the middle of Stas's talk]: "Guys, I've had fun. Thanks heaps, but I've had way too much to drink and I just can't concentrate any more, so I've gotta go."

10th May, 2005

Gavin Carr spoke about the wonders of qpsmtpd and his experiences and tips in working on a collaborative open source project over several years.

11th April, 2005

/-\ spoke about the Phalanx Project and also got side-tracked into talking about how he put his slides together.

See further details about the meeting.

15th March, 2005

Paul Fenwick, Jacinta Richardson and Robert Spier were in attendance from interstate and overseas.

Experiences and reports of the meeting can be found at Sydney Perl Mongers/15th March 2005.

9th February, 2005

Mongers Fraze, Stennie, gav, /-\ and Mike Bissett grogged on at the Evening Star Bar in Surry Hills last night. Many topics were discussed over the beers, including Mike's Birmingham.pm connection.

A drunken report of this meeting can be found in this use.perl journal entry.

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