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Sydney Perl Mongers/Meeting History 2006

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What Sydney Perl Mongers got up to in 2006 ..


10th January, 2006

A social catchup at the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel.

  Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel
  19 Kent St (Corner of Kent and Argyle streets)
  The Rocks
  Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
  T 61 2 9251 4044
  F 61 2 9251 1532

This turned out to be a fine location for a social catchup: pleasant leafy street, quiet pub, boutique beers, tasty pub food, even very English pork pies ... which were promptly dispatched by Mike B and /-\.

Nine mongers turned up: the ubiquitous Mike and Stennie, Paul, /-\, Kim, Raphael, Phil (friend of Raph, first time at Sydney.pm, works in video production, I think), Tim and Stuey.

The conversation ranged over many topics, including Blue Tongue beers, transsexuals, Jakob Nielson, Adam Kennedy's planned move to Sydney, the Perl debugger, Pugs, Smart::Comments, POE, Perl/Tk, AJAX, Catalyst and Selenium.

15th February, 2006

At this most excellent tech talk meeting held at:

  UTS Broadway Campus
  Room CB02.05.30 (Building 2, Level 5, Room 530)

15 lucky geeks from Sydney.pm and the Debian SIG were treated to a number of fascinating talks from visiting Perl maestro Adam Kennedy, who taught us all about:

and more. Apart from the well-received talks, it was fun to meet the Debian crowd, with business cards being exchanged and contacts made.

Afterwards, the true believers, namely MikeB, Stennie, ReneeB, AdamK, SvenD & PamD (lively Sydney.pm first-timers and TWiki experts) TonyC and /-\, enjoyed some $5 bangers and mash and lots of beers (Rums and Coke for our visiting speaker) at a good value Surry Hills Pub, suggested by Mike (who lives upstairs, I think, and is soon to be joined by a new flatmate from Lismore, if I heard correctly above the Pub boisterousness).

11th May, 2006

Another excellent tech talk meeting was held at:

  UTS Broadway Campus
  Room CB02.05.39 (Building 2, Level 5, Room 539)

this time featuring the peripatetic Paul Fenwick visiting from Melbourne. PJF delivered a wonderful talk on Perl Security. The course notes on which this talk was based are now available free online from:

This professional tour de force was followed by amateur /-\ delivering an improved version of his "Lessons Learnt Writing My First CPAN Module" talk, delivered the previous month to Melbourne.pm. Notes on the Interface part of this talk can be found at:

Afterwards, most of the mongers headed to the usual Surry Hills Pub for some $5 steaks and bangers and mash.

It was good to see three first-timers in attendance. Special mention to Dan Steele, visiting for six months or so from Canada, who not only handed out free door prizes on the night but offered a room at his Perforce workplace as a venue for future Sydney.pm meetings.

19th June, 2006

A quiet social catchup at the Firehouse Hotel.

  Firehouse Hotel
  86 Walker St
  North Sydney

Nine mongers turned up: Dan, /-\ , Adam, Kim, Stuey, and first timers Charles (likes GD graphics), Kevin (aka Prof, likes any academic subject), James (likes gtk) and Michael (utbox head honcho, I think).

8th November, 2006

A social catchup at the Firehouse Hotel, combined with a conference-quality technical talk on PITA superbly delivered by Adam Kennedy next door in the splendid Perforce boardroom (courtesy Dan Steele).

The conversation ranged over many topics, including:

and many other topics.

Incredibly, 20+ mongers turned up, including: pjf, jarich, adamk, Stennie, Kim Ryan, Michael x 2, MikeB, Stuey, Ashley, Richard, Gav, Rafael, James, Case (Toronto), Dan, Thomas (Canuck), Bruce, Fraze, /-\.

12th December, 2006

In attendance were Adam Kennedy (talk presenter), the ubiquitous Stennie and Mike, Dan, James (with projector tucked under arm), TonyC, Chuck, Stuey, and /-\.

This followed the recent Sydney.pm meeting formula: a social catchup at the Firehouse Hotel, followed by a conference-quality technical talk, namely Nothing can possibly go wrong which Adam recently delivered at OSDC Melbourne, then back to the Pub for more drinks. If anyone who missed the talk is keen to view it, Google told me that a video of an earlier version of this talk is available for download at YAPC::NA 2006

Adam's talk was thought provoking as usual. Some random point of interest I remember are:

  • "Open" versus "Closed" problems. For example, an open problem is "search the internet" while a closed one might be "implement zlib or some well specified RFC". If you choose to solve an open problem, be ready for never-ending effort, and fun ... and money if you do it right (e.g. Google).
  • "Bad" failures. For example, bike couriers being speared by their fibreglass bikes, exploding pipes in houses during electrical storms. Nuts, I've forgotten Adam's examples of Perl "bad" failures (Module::Install?).
  • "Good perception, Bad reality" should be avoided at all costs. Two examples I remember given were CPANPLUS and Module::Build.
  • Ease of installation/acquisition may be boring but is often the most important practical aspect of a software product (aka "Elaine's Law", which I won't repeat here becuase it contains a rude word).
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