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Sydney Perl Mongers/Meeting History 2007

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What Sydney Perl Mongers got up to in 2007 ..


9th January, 2007

A small social gathering at the Firehouse hotel in North Sydney.

13th February, 2007

Another social catchup at the Firehouse hotel .. discussion topics included:

- the pain of preinstalled-but-broken modules on Intel Macs (Mac::Carbon, Mac::Glue)
- AdamK's "social" CPAN repository, and resulting successes 
- the Virgin Earth Challenge (US $25 million prize!)
- challenges of developing app UIs : AJAX, Tk, .. 
- JSAN, Jemplate, and the vague promise of perl 6
- Quiz Night for March meeting
- early reminders of upcoming sydney.pm meetings ;)

10th April, 2007

Our first ever Sydney.pm quiz night, compered by /-\, was a great success. With scores tied going into the last round, Team Pony (Mike B, Stuey C, Richard C) triumphed in a nail-biting finish from Team Moose (Stennie, Cees, Paul P) and the Super Happy Fun Team (Adam K, Gavin, George). A vast quantity of free beer was consumed during the night, with each and every beer opened being accompanied by a chant of: "Cheers Chris Williams!". Thanks Alias!

This meeting also marked the first time Sydney.pm has utilised the most excellent facilities at a North Sydney training company, organised by Stennie. These facilities should prove ideal for giving technical presentations at future meetings.

The next Sydney.pm quiz night, featuring quiz maestro Stuey C as master of ceremonies, is scheduled for August. Don't miss it!

Photos: Inaugural Quiz Night

16th May, 2007

Social catchup with Paul Fenwick at the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, 19 Kent St, The Rocks.

6th June, 2007

Drinks at the Firehouse hotel, followed by two technical presentations from Paul Fenwick, all washed down with more drinks and dinner at the Firehouse.

Once again our new facilities at the North Sydney training company near the Firehouse hotel proved perfect for technical pressos. PJF effortlessly dispatched two polished half hour talks, namely:

  • What's new in Perl 5.10
  • Human Interfaces for Geeks

which were very well received by the audience. I'm constantly astounded by Paul's versatility and the originality and cleverness of his talks.

24th July, 2007

Food and Drinks at the Lowenbrau in the Rocks. We had planned to meet with Randal Schwartz, however he managed to injure his knee and was unable to attend. We still consumed some 1L steins and german sausages in his honour ;-).

Some of the random discussion topics included:

- Quiz night II powered by Stuart Cooper aka Dr. Straight is a goer for August
- Rose::DB and other ORM tools
- Computer vs human poker playoffs
- The Tragically Hip, Canadian rock heroes

2nd August, 2007

A small group caught up with Randal Schwartz at the Macquarie Boutique Hotel in Surry Hills. Eerily enough, the onsite brewery downstairs was called the Schwartz brewery ("Unplanned", said Randal, but he'll be back now that he knows!). We had dinner at the Thai restaurant upstairs.

Photos: Sydney.pm w/ Randal Schwartz

14th August, 2007

The second Sydney.pm quiz night, in what looks like becoming a long-running series, was expertly compered by Stuey Cooper, aka Dr Straight. After much beer and pizza were consumed, and after six probing rounds of ten questions (categories: Unix, Movies, Music & Books, Names & Numbers, Perl & Linux, Australia), the scores were tied! The final scores: Team BAG (mikeB,Andrew,George): 33 (6, 7, 4, 4, 6, 6); Team autoflush (Stennie,Richard): 33 (4, 7, 5, 6, 7, 4); Team sysreq (PaulP,Alastair): 27 (4, 5, 5, 6, 6, 1). Accordingly, Dr Straight composed a tie-breaker, convincingly won by team BAG by 2.7 to zero. Poor Stennie has been narrowly defeated by Mike B's team in two quiz nights out of two now. :-)

Photos: Quiz Night 2

28th August, 2007

The peripatetic Paul Fenwick, in town drilling and enlightening a troop of eager Sydneysiders in the art of Perl, dropped by to deliver an advance screening of his brand new An Illustrated History of Failure talk, to be delivered at OSDC in Brisbane, Nov 26-29 2007. Much feedback was given, which should benefit both Paul and the OSDC attendees.

For trivia buffs, notice that this extra meeting, scheduled to coincide with Paul's visit, marked the first (and only) time that Sydney.pm have ever met three times in one calendar month.

11th September, 2007

Social catchup at the Firehouse hotel.

9th October, 2007

Social catchup at the Firehouse hotel.

13th November, 2007

Quiz Night 3, presented by Mike Bissett. A fun quiz with many visual questions.

18th December, 2007

Social catchup at the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel, followed by dinner at the Lowenbrau in the Rocks. Happy 20th BD to Perl, too ;-)

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