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Sydney Perl Mongers/Meeting History 2008

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What Sydney Perl Mongers got up to in 2008 ..


12th February, 2008

11rd March, 2008

Social meeting at the Lowenbrau in the Rocks. There was a healthy incursion of PostgreSQL discussion, in between the ogling of giant snitzels and massive meat platters.

3rd April, 2008

A social catchup at the James Squire Brewhouse with Paul and Jacinta visiting from Melbourne. Kieren, from Wollongong, also made his first Sydney.pm meeting.

13 May, 2008

A social catchup at the James Squire Brewhouse with a bunch of new faces .. greets to our new mates from UTBox, Infoplex, and Catalyst IT.

Photos: Sydney.pm (featuring Governor King)

17 June, 2008

Met at the Firehouse Hotel in North Sydney and headed to a nearby meeting space for an entertaining run through the Wellington.pm Perl quiz, with beer and pizza sponsored by UTBox. The four teams, ordered by descending score, were: Dead Cabbages, Camels, MAME, and Deeper. Quiz wrangler for the evening was Stennie.

8 July, 2008

Social catchup at the Belgian Beer Cafe in the Rocks, where we sampled some of the extensive beer selection.

9 Sept, 2008

Met at the Firehouse Hotel in North Sydney. We skipped the planned digression (for quiet talks) and remained at the Firehouse for dinner and drinks. Several schemes for global domination may have been discussed and documented on beer coasters .. but the coasters (and the beer) kept disappearing. There was much enthusiasm for the upcoming OSDC in Sydney, which hopefully will convert into great sponsorship and attendance. We're looking forward to another entertaining and slightly obtuse OSDC keynote talk from Larry Wall, Perl's Benevolent Dictator for Life.

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