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About Perl 5 OO.

IMHO Perl OO is really clunky compared to Java or Python for instance. For an example just look at the really awkward ways you have to implement object attributes -- the easy way does not hide the data and the 'proper' way is really obscure.

Perl does have the OO features you need (and some of them are really clever), it's just they have been retrofitted to the language and it shows :-(. So for my money Perl 5 is not a 1st class OO language (but I wait for Perl 6 with baited breath)

Alec (talk) 12:33, 12 April 2007 (EST)

"Unnecessary" $'s.

An anonymous person wrote:

  1. Perl has unnecessary $'s ;'s everywhere - this creates too much visual noise.

This was already covered in a previous item, and I'd like to comment about it here. The $'s are there for a reason - to allow adding new keywords, and to create a separate namespace for the variables. For example, in Python 2.x, the "print" statement could not be a function or else it would need to be called with parentheses, and in Python 3.x it was converted to a function with a more kludgy syntax. Or in Ruby, subroutine references need to be called with "sub_ref.call([ARGS])". So there is a reason Larry Wall decided to add them.

Shlomif 00:14, 6 June 2010 (EST)