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Except where otherwise indicated, I hereby license my textual contributions to PerlNet to be distributed under the same license as Perl 5 itself.

I'm Jacinta Richardson. I'm jarich on perlmonks and a member of most of Oceania's Perl Mongers mailing lists. Usually you'll hear from me because I'm trying to drum life back into the list or because I'm hawking my training courses.  ;)

Oh yeah, I'm a director of Perl Training Australia. I write much of the course material and do most of the maintenance. Unfortunately I don't get to teach the material that often. I speak occasionally at Melbourne Perl Mongers and I urge you to come along to a meeting should you ever be in the neighbourhood.

I never have enough time to do half of the things I want to. I need to learn how to stop taking on so many engagements.


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