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I have been a professional Perl developer for the last 8 years, creating solutions for many IT companies, large and small, local and multinational. I consider myself an advanced and highly competent Perl programmer.

I am also a very experienced C/C++ developer, with a decent smattering of Java/VB and various shells to fall back on when required. I've been learning Ruby and Rails since christmas 2007, and am slowly coming to terms with RSpec, the BDD framework.

I prefer to develop on *nix platforms, but I am becoming increasingly proficient with Microsoft tools and services. Most things written in Perl will run on *nix and MS without modification, if written with sufficient care in the first place, unless you have demands for threading and forking.

Most of my Perl coding has been related to

  • processing XML
  • database-backed applications
  • GUI front-ends to existing text tools
  • large text and image file processing
  • web services and web-based applications, but not web sites. The difference is subtle but important.
  • code generators and custom parsers
  • automated testing and QA

I also have developed, in other languages, systems dealing with

  • barcode symbologies
  • PDF generation
  • network management
  • config and release management
  • phone number listing databases
  • IVR/CTI platforms and services
  • transaction auditing

I am very familiar with Perl's imperative and OO paradigms, having written countless Perl modules in both paradigms. I have been heavily influenced by the elegance and accuracy of the functional paradigm, as expressed by Lisp, Forth and Haskell, and I have been writing applications in this style for about 3 years now. By banning global variables, and allowing the various parts of the code to only communicate through their functional or OO interfaces, I find I write cleaner, simpler and more correct code, and I write it faster. Close attention to testing and requirements conformance just further enhance these gains.

I also have deep skills in

  • configuration and release management practices and tools
  • eXtreme Programming (XP) and Test Directed Development (TDD)
  • UML Analysis, modelling and design of OO systems

I am very active in the Perl community, presenting talks at the OSDC conferences from 2004-2007, speaking many times at the Melbourne Perl Mongers (where I am currently vice-president), and was a pontiff before the great reorganisation of Perl Monks. I have also spoken on IT in general to year 12 students and final year university students.

IT, programming, and application development in particular, are my passion and my pleasure.

I prefer consulting and contracting, and can perform these on-site for short periods, if required. You can contact me on 0418 33 22 73 to discuss your requirements, or email me at leif.eriksen.au@gmail.com

Except where otherwise indicated, I hereby license my textual contributions to PerlNet to be distributed under the same license as Perl 5 itself.

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