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User:Shlomif/use.perl.org Problems

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use.perl.org has proven to be an indispensable site for Perl news and blogging. We thank Pudge and the rest of the use.perl.org crew for investing so much time and effort in keeping it alive and a high-quality resource.

However, there are some problems there, partly because use.perl.org has not kept with the time. This page aims to concentrate as many usability/Search-Engine-Optimisation/etc. problems we noticed in the current use.perl.org setup. Please see it as constructive criticism and as a checklist for what needs to be improved.

The Issues

The Topic List is Out-of-date and Incomplete

Many active topics of discussion are absent.

The Title of all the Blog Entries is Not Very Helpful or SEOish

It just says "Journal of John Doe", rather than the title of the entry first, and then "John Doe's Blog" or "John Doe's Journal", etc.

Also see:

No "Social Bookmarking" Features

There isn't a "Bookmark this" button at the bottom of the text like on this page much less "Digg it" and "Reddit" controls. As such the entries are more difficult to garner a lot of publicity.

Consumes Too Much Bandwidth

As can be noticed using Firebug, most pages on use.perl.org load quite a lot of data, including very extensive JavaScript code.