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Kirrily "Skud" Robert is a native of Melbourne, Australia, and the founder of Melbourne Perl Mongers.

Except where otherwise indicated, I hereby license my textual contributions to PerlNet to be distributed under the same license as Perl 5 itself.


Perl geek for hire

I'm leaving my current job on August 1st 2007 and will be looking for work. I'm available for:

  • very short-term (1-6 weeks) contract work of any kind, anywhere in the world
  • short term (2-6 months) contract work either in Melbourne, or telecommute
  • permanent work anywhere in the world.

I'm interested in:

  • work that lets me contribute to CPAN
  • work involving wikis, blogs, social networks, or other "web2.0" sorts of applications
  • writing, teaching, presenting
  • community management and software evangelism
  • jobs involving travel
  • jobs in unusual/creative/weird industries or fields
  • jobs that let me work with and learn from smarter, more talented people than me

I'm NOT particularly interested in:

  • long-term work which doesn't involve at least one of the above listed items
  • any long-term position where "software developer" is my only role
  • any job which doesn't offer me the opportunity to learn new technologies

Current passions

  • Ease of installation for Perl apps
  • Crowd Control, my user management framework for web apps


Most of my Perl software can be found on CPAN at http://search.cpan.org/~skud/

CPAN modules

My modules include:

  • App::Install
  • MasonX::MiniMVC
  • MasonX::StaticBuilder
  • Test::File::Contents
  • WWW::Automate -- obsolete; this became WWW::Mechanize
  • ... and various others of lesser note

Perl core

I've contributed the following to the Perl distribution:


Other software I've contributed to:

  • SME Server (previously the e-smith server and gateway)
  • ... more to come

See also: Google Code Search, which seems to have a much better memory than I do.

Perl publications and presentations

Places I've worked


I can often be found on Magnet #perl or freenode #perlnet.

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