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Tony Smith

An old school computer professional who has long been more motivated by his own projects than by conventional commercial applications, not that I haven't successfully delivered more than enough of the latter, albeit mostly long ago.

Breaking my "no new programming languages" vow for the second time, the first time having been for PostScript, I picked up Perl around 1998, initially to provide some technical help for an online community and soon to develop the initial version of TransForum which for five minutes was as good as any forum software going around. (TransForum V.2 remains a collection of design notes and prototype tools which might be better left for Perl 6 if old age doesn't catch up with me first.) Since then I've almost survived developing in Perl for private clients, but all that has only ever been a means to a sometimes poorly defined end.

Of more relevance are the fields that I may know enough about to be dangerous:

  • Complex Systems (in the sense defined by the journal of the same name)
  • Online community development (and online services for offline organisations)
  • Technology-based business development, related policy and funding
  • Education technology policy
  • Publication production (including design), distribution and promotion
  • Event organisation
  • The outdoors (from a mostly Melbourne-centric perspective)

An even more uneven representation of my interests and even a couple of C.V's are available via my Memes page.

As far as possible assignments are concerned, being able to do the work on a Macintosh and rely on open source browsers and similar are as close as I get to a comfort zone. If relevant, a long standing partner and I operate a zero-profile specialty hosting business which serves a bunch of historic clients via our own servers within a major colocation centre.